Monday, January 3, 2011


I cannot wait for the time and weather that would let us stay longer outside of our Cocoon, at least to enjoy our garden, see the flowers coming out, and sit under the Sun. This is still only memories or wishes as for now is the cold that is arising again, The only good place to stay is indoors, I would not complain too much, because I have Justyna and Olivia, With them, together and close I am felling always secure wherever I am.

This Friday I will restart my visits to the Oncologist and I would know more about what they want to offer me. It is true that often I prefer to stay at home and do not go to the Hospital and pass through the usual distress, It is like if would be better to not know what the doctors have to tell me and only rely what my mind says. Nevertheless, this time is also my body, some pain in the Liver, which is advising me to go to the Oncologist.

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