Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clockwise girl

After have been reading a lot of Children books, firstly compulsory and after for self joy, I would advice everyone to give a go to those books, At least One book once in a while. The magician, the beauty and the good spirit of all the people often personified by animals it will also colour your Life. It would be much more easy if we all, Human Specie would read and live the dreams inside those stories.

By the way, Olivia today helped me to fill up a special container to feed up the birds, We set up in a particular spot to now on we could observe the birds eating the food from the comfort of our house :)

My question put forward yesterday to Olivia had an answer, and the answer was that she did not like the idea of all of us could sleep one more hour taking advantage of the change of the time. Opposite, today she decided to wake up one hour earlier, around 6 AM (new time), But she managed well as in the afternoon today after long time she is sleeping her Siesta again, But I am here, a awake and wrack:) Definitely she is a Progressive girls, does not like the idea of anti-clockwise direction, Only Clockwise.

Sunday is always good day to do confessions, and today it goes another one from me, Since I joined Justyna in our communal life I started to listen more Classical music, At all the time we are having the radio on in the Classical FM, this since ever. Nowadays I loved and can say that I am hocked to this style of music, But I do not need to go to long backwards to find a Helder completely disinterested in this Music. My tastes were faraway from this tropics, I can say that I regarded myself as a Nihilist Punk, I was more into the noise and to the chaos :(

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