Friday, October 8, 2010

D day

So the D Day arrived (another one), in the morning we were in the Hospital to face the update news about the scan that I did last week. The news made us happy as both tumors, either the one in the Liver and in the abdomen had not increase it size, instead had shrank a little bit. It was only few millimeters but enough to made us very happy. Nevertheless, according to my calculations it would take me more than 100 years to the Sunitinib could beat the Cancer.

The opinion of the oncologist is to carry on with the same Sunitinib, now that the side effects are sized and it is controlling the Cancer development.

Nothing better to calm down our nerves than come to meet our friends in Munich, The weather here it is chilly but it is compensated by the company of our friends Sofia and Julian.


Carla said...

Que boas notícias!!!

Beijos para todos!!

jorge henriques said...

Que boas noticias Helder,fico contente por isso.
Bom fim de semana,cá pelo burgo não está frio mas o S.Pedro tem as torneiras todas abertas,hehe.