Friday, October 29, 2010

Again the small things

Olivia very early morning woke up demanding to us to come downstairs with her, but seen that we did not want because it was still time to sleep, She did not worry too much, she just took came downstairs by her own do do her piss and what else that we do not know, Only, after she came upstairs and been satisfied she was now ready to play. I can see soon the day that I woke up and I would find out her already downstairs reading her morning newspaper and having her breakfast cooked by her.

It is cold outside but Olivia demanded also to go to the Park, it is beautiful to see the leaves on the floor announcing that we are now stepping on the Autumn.

This days are making me feel happy and aware about how lucky I am for at the moment I am enjoying days without pains and with so much energy. I even need to apologise, this because rather than think about Cancer I am now sometimes worried again about small and trivial things from day such as payments, internet, and what to eat :)

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