Saturday, October 30, 2010


A different day, not at home but away in the markets, We went with Sergio firstly to the Portobello Market, we never can resist to a Pastel de Nata in the beautiful Cafe Lisboa, Portobello is such a lovely area, it still releases the smell of the old ages, like a circus, different people everywhere, selling the most bizarre things as you can imagine. In a corner we could find a man transporting a dog in his shoulder, but the frightened dog without any confidence in his master clearly showed how lunatic and exhibitionist he was, In the other corner a Muslim preaching, and nearby a small girl-Olivia reading the books for the pedestrians.
An hour later we transported to another Market, in Camden, Olivia here was shocked by the Punks, She gave up to show her skills.

Only at home she recovered but then swept the witches away lightning a candle in the Halloween pumpkin.

Good news, as tomorrow we might, might :) enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Do you think Olivia will understand that?

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