Monday, October 25, 2010

Connected with the World

I am not working this days but they always look so busy and intense that I really do not understand why. This morning I met my new GP, my family doctor which will take care of me now on. He looked professional what is the most important. Justyna is catching up the time together with Olivia, All day they been out in activities for kids, Olivia painted few works and soon will have at least one of her works exhibited for the public in the Library as all the children. So jealous. Nevertheless I will be there to record for all of Us. Olivia definitely inherited more the Polish side than the Portuguese, not only for the beauty and smartness but also for her resilience to the cold, It is freezing outside but she stands in her sand pit, I needed to explain her that I cannot play with her outside, At least she understood and forgive me.

Some days ago we sort the out the problems of virus in the computer and today was the speed of Internet, Then now I have again an operational and fully work machine :)

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