Thursday, October 21, 2010

Party animal

Last evening it was a fantastic time, Justyna has finished her exam at 5.30 and I went to picked her up around 7.00 at the underground station with Olivia, Shubhy and Tom, She was happy to see all of us and we told her that we would take her for a diner out, but she did not dream about the big group of friends that were already waiting for her in the restaurant, She and even more Olivia was stared when saw all that friends waving and singing for her. I could see that Justyna was very happy. Even if the secrecy of the operation was bit immature, with posts in the Internet, often sending and receiving messages in the phone, Nevertheless, I think the operation went well, Justyna did not expect such a thing and a lot of friends turn out to stay with her. Not only the friends but the cake was divine :)

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rosalia said...

Com um dia de atrazo.......

Happy birthday dear Justine.Nice party and a lovely cake.
The best for you and your family
Lots of kisses 4 you, Olli and Helder