Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parabens, Parabens

The Double day that we been expected a long time ago, it came, Justyna was very nervous for her exam, and I felt sorry to not help her. But I am sure she will be alright.

But the most important reason for the waiting is her Birthday today, in the evening we have a surprise diner prepared for her, with friends, It will be fun. At home only me and Olivia knows the plans. Meanwhile, today the weather is freezing. I need to go as I have Olivia sleeping close to me here in the library. I am happy for her nap because in that way she will more awake through the evening in the Restaurant and can full enjoy the party. Here Ronald is back to the Park

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder

Passei, só para deixar os parabens para a aniversariante ,que festeje por muitos e muitos anos este dia ,hehe
Já agora, é preciso por aí uns graus centigrados ? cá pelo burgo temos ainda 20 grauzitos nâo é uma maravilha (tao mauzinho)hehe.
Um abraço