Monday, October 18, 2010

Our secret

And also there is days like today, Morning me and Olivia planed to go for the first time to the swimming pool, she was so excited, but we arrived almost at the end of the session, so we were not allowed to get in, Later already at home Olivia locked us outside with keys inside when I was on the phone outside, luckily I could get in through the neighbour's garden. Meanwhile, in the other side of Barnet, Justyna infected our computer with a Trojan virus in the library, more work. This list could be added with other small things, but I do not want to be exhaustive.

But, We are all OK, Olivia and me are keeping busy now with our secrets, Planning the anniversary for Justyna this Wednesday, There is already a idea for a surprise dinner with friends and gifts for the princess.

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Anonymous said...

Caramba, Helder! Diz-me que a Justyna não lê o teu blogue!!!!!!!!!!

Ana Rita