Monday, November 1, 2010

Gymnastic for all

Yesterday, according to the tradition it was the day for sweeties, In the evening it was amazing to see so many kids knocking our door to collect their candy, Olivia was so excited with the endless procession that she could not resist to dress herself a funny costume and went to the neighbours doors to also enjoy the spirit of the Halloween and to collect her own sweeties. This year we definitely looked as an amateurs comparing with some other prepared rigorously. I did this for the first time and just now I understand better the tradition.

In the morning Olivia had a lot of relaxation, Luckily since last week the library close to us started to be a Sure start Children Centre, this means more activities for kids and for free. Today Olivia was firstly crafting her one binoculars and after I also joined her and Justyna in a very busy and frenetic session of Gymnastic. It was very funny but I was exhausted in the end. So Monday morning I will have now on my gymnastic session, something that I needed for my therapy:)

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