Thursday, October 7, 2010

There is hope

I am not, and I have never been a very positive person regarding to the future, since I know myself, But today I will do an exception. This to tell the hope that I had when I listened the achievement of this new Cancer Research Centre in Lisbon, The Champalimaud Centre. There is the Infrastructure now is necessary the results. I am sure this is a wish not only from me but from all the Portuguese which suffers from Cancer. There was a time, that always I opened a newspaper I use to have a look in the headlines from the Sports department, but nowadays I am going more to the Health Department, always looking for any news from the Cancer, perhaps any cure.

By the way, tomorrow I will learnt from the Oncologist what is the news from my scan and what will happen next. I am already nervous, today I could not sleep at all. Whatever happens tomorrow we will have already a program to distracts us during the weekend, as tomorrow straight after the appointment in the hospital we will fly over to Munich, We will be with our friends Sofia and Julian during this weekend.

Now I am leaving to the Art lesson.

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