Saturday, October 23, 2010

Portuguese day

Finally we have the Internet set up at our home and the virus that was installed into the computer released or hidden somewhere, This operation was a miracle as it disappeared suddenly after I inserted inside a CD of Norton antivirus, even before I did something to install this anti-virus. Happy to have the computer and Internet back at home, But the family more up-set with the prospect of having me more close to the computer again :)

Today we arranged in between the family to be the first day only spoken in Portuguese at home, Olivia is comfortable and Justyna is going very well, I am just scare when it would be the day of Polish language. Olivia was so focus in the day that she looked for me as a Cat, because was very muddy, not too much smiles and very proud and arrogant for myself.

We had a lot of funny in the morning as we attended an event here in Barnet, We had a map and we needed to go around the village and look for the different dates when some buildings were erected and writing down and bring it to the library, Kind of Rally Paper.

The day was fully completed with Justyna planting the new tree, our Apple tree that was offered by Shubhy, I cannot wait for the Summer to pick up the apples as the Blueberries already planted in our garden.

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