Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy as a kid

There is only one thing that makes me more happy than spending time with Olivia, it is to spend time with Olivia and other kids, I do not to be misinterpreted :) This morning I went with Olivia to a Halloween party in the library, I enjoyed very much, probably even more than Olivia. It was great to see all the kids screaming with excitement, some dressing scary masks, It was beautiful to see such a happiness stamped in their faces. Probably because of often been the only father among mothers and today was the same, a lot of kids respect me and like to play with me, for a while I was surrounded by the friends of Olivia but not Olivia. Of course this always boosts my self-esteem.

Speaking about kids yesterday I spoke with Carla in Istanbul and I saw the twins, They are much grown up but very beautiful. Kisses for Manuel and Matilde as to DiDi and Kiko.

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