Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good luck around

Such a way I had yesterday to finish the day and to start this day, today, This because last night on the way to drop some paper in the recycle basket outside of the door I stepped on a big cheat that was living there already for a while, I was even more frustrated with the situation as this cheat, I presume from a dog, was already spotted from me few days a go, I was just giving time to it to pick up after only it would dry out, But yesterday with all the confidence I forgot and I could not see it with the dusk and then...Cheat everywhere. With all that, this morning I was washing slippers, cleaning floor inside and outside. If I would see any dog unattended near my home I will need to speak with him.

The only consolation is the sign of Good luck that the cheat in front of the door it might means. Thank you unknown dog for your sign.

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