Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Santo Antonio

To satisfy the curiosity from some of you, Justyna is so busy with her readings that she does not have time to go to the Internet and to read my blog, so the Net is an arm of conspiration and secret for me and Olivia :)

It is already for a few weeks that I learnt my new ability, The old capacity already all 0f know, this is to lose things, but now I am also good to find them back. In the last days I or Olivia lost things, like Oyster card, money, etc, but after I did found it always, sometimes in the most odd places, The most bizarre it was with the Oyster card that Olivia lost in a park, but I went back and I would find it inside a public bin, This its was amazing.

Olivia today found her best friend again in the playground, Ronald was back after broken her leg, but fortunately the recovery is going well.

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Carla said...

Parabéns à Justina!!!

Beijos para todos!!!

Votos de um dia feliz!!

Carla Damásio