Monday, October 4, 2010

Smelling good news

The day started with my moral lifted with a smell of a good news, Probably the Cat from a neighbour that come inside my house while I was on the phone outside smelt that. The phone that I refereeing it was to the Hospital, to the nurse of Dr Fusai. As Dr Fusai, the surgeon told me I called him to remind that I did a CT scan last week and in that way he will be aware and will organize a meeting with my oncologist to decide what to do. Of course I did not speak with Dr Fusai but I spoke with the nurse that works with him, Unofficial, she just told me that the report from the scan said that the Cancer is stable, I do not know much what that can mean, but I was happy with that, Actually I am happy with almost everything. It is very unlikely to have an operation but at least is good to see the tumour sleeping.

The day was great, great, Olivia has been very sweet with me, I am having the best time with her, But after few hours without seeing mummy she always finds her, also probably from her smell. Today we went to the library and also she smelt mother in a corner studying, it was very funny.


Luís Ganhão said...

Good News Hélder... keep up with the good mood :-)

Anonymous said...

as melhores notícias que podia haver...

beijos e abraços aos 3.