Thursday, April 8, 2010

USA close to the civilization

It was the first day that I spent more time in the garden than indoors, It was a good sensation to bring a book and read having the Sun in the top of me, Later also because I was alone I took a mirror to the garden and I decided to sketch my self-portrait, and there was also time to start to dig in order to soon sow our flowers and vegetables. This it will be a big fun.

We also had a busy day in the freecycle, Justyna went to picked up a new buggy for Olivia, which fits the needs of Oli, and Meanwhile I went to picked up a enormous Moses basket. This to give to young Mums in a support project from Shubhy.

Lastly, something that I wanted to mentioned some time ago, it is related about the new regime for Healthy Service in the USA, a battle won by Obama and we all should be happy. I confess I do not know in detail the American system but I am sure that whatever is coming now is more Human and civilized than what was before, The health care it never should be dependent from your credit card and bank account. It is like the Sun and the water, unfortunately even those are not free anymore. The Sun at least been so much away I guess it is also because the crises.

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