Friday, April 9, 2010

Beach in the garden

Friday means Oncology day, First thing when I arrived I saw a college that been doing chemotherapy sessions with me, straight I realised that something was wrong with him, He looked very distress and in tension and when I approached him I understood from him that He had a call from the doctor to come to see him, apparently they found another lump in his lung, With that I also get very sad and sorry for him, But I still hope that what showed in the scans were something related with the chemotherapy. It is possible. It is weird to know this things about him or about anybody else and after leave them and carry on with my live, We never will know all the suffering behind the moments we chat with this friends. In the other hand today I was so happy when I saw another friend in the Hospital, He probably never noticed on me but I saw him few times in the waiting room and in the chemotherapy session, He has a massive tumour in his face, literally his head has the double size, And I always wanted to start a conversation with him, not for pity but more because I always see him alone and he looked such a nice guy, But what made me happy was to see that he had an operation as he was using a drain in the face, I did not speak with him again but I hope that means good news for him.

Regarding to me also the appointment went as I expected, Dr Tim Meyer said also that unfortunately the results from the chemotherapy were not dramatic, for example the two nodules in the Liver, one shrunk but the other one increased size, but mainly because of the extension of my chemotherapy sessions, It goes already 10 sessions so far, He is afraid that soon I would have serious problems in the nerves, the hands are normally the most affected, its sensibility. Therefore he said that I should do only one more session and after have a rest for few months, unfortunately the rest will be only for me not for the Cancer. Nevertheless he told us that after I should start to have some pills, or instead try other solutions. I will not be left alone.

I do not know how to describe, but nowadays I am already happy with everything that comes from the Oncologist mouth but a apocalypse or a big disaster. So I was in a good mood after at home, For the first day we had our meal out. Even it was the first day with the heaters off. So the Spring is On. Outside I enjoyed to read my book and I am exercising my brain to whenever listen a car passing by to translates as a Sea waves, It starts to work. Soon I will need only sand to be in the beach at home.

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tenho adorado as vossas fotos, a princezinha continua lindissima e, imagino, regila! manda foto das tuas pinturas para vermos a evolução do artista! Pois é, viva o Obama! beijoca pra vocês da prima ju