Friday, April 2, 2010

Special train station

Olivia had a good surprise today morning, Thomas the tank engine decided to stop in the train station near our house, Its trip to High Barnet was sponsored by a Local Charity that supports kids with Cancer. Of course because Olivia knows very well somebody with Cancer she joined with all commitment and solidarity to the activities in the square, She even bought a beautiful T-shirt advertising the cause of the kids with Cancer.

But, the day of course moved on, and today we have collected few disasters, firstly Justyna who had cooked an inglorious cake, that it did not manage to see the light of the day, and me again trying to do DIY, I just manage to do disasters. Of course always that I touch anything the result is also to forget where I left, So must of my time I pass looking after of the tolls that I never know where are they. Here I think I have the genes of my father.

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