Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cold ice cream

Very busy days around, Olivia tomorrow is getting her second anniversary and we would like to give her a special day as last year I was in the Hospital. We are planning to go to the Zoo during the day. Justyna is also preparing some snacks and meanwhile she still needs to finish her school work this night :(
During the day I decided to have an ice cream with Olivia, but Olivia did not like the texture and the temperature of the Ice Creams, too cold she said, probably she would prefer a Hot ice cream. In the end it was me and mummy who ate the Ice creams, so upsetting.
Today was a special day, Olivia's God mother Sofia did her Birthday, Happy Birthday Sofia. Good news is also the fact that soon I will have her visit and the other girl friends, I cannot wait.

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Cristina said...

Muitos parabéns pelo 2º aniversário da Olivinha!!!!!!!

Espero que seja um dia super feliz para ela e para os papás!

Beijos aos três, mas especialmente a ela