Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the same train

Wherever one of us goes the other ones will follow, it has been that our philosophy. Our team been always together has been helping to deal with all adversities. Today we decided to celebrate the starting of the Summer and we went to Camden to do some shopping but overall to enjoy just to be outside mixed with all the colours and smells that we find in Camden. Olivia surprisingly is showing not the biggest fan of Pierogi neither of Bacalhau but instead she just loves noodles. When in the table she sucks the noodle until no more.

In the evening to smell the perfume of Portugal I went with Mike to a pub to watch the Inter of Mourinho win another challenge. In this days with a lot of doubts and clouds over Portugal it is refreshing just see something positive with the national colours. I think this is already the emigration spirit in my heart :)

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