Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside the routine

The days are going slowly, the routine never breaks up, The day goes on and copies all the other precedent ones. Everyday I feel a endless dejavu. I am happy with this and without contradiction sometimes I really have the sensation of full happiness, nevertheless in all that moments there is always a shadow, like an emptiness feeling that covers even the best moments, After a laugh or joy I know that I will experience that strange feeling of loneliness. And it is in this semidarkness that I am trying to be happy. It is funny that is now, at this moment of my life where I am almost trapped that I am worried to be happy when it was a state of soul that was strange for me before.

Olivia is more and more independent, when in the Rhymes sessions she does like to stay in her one chair instead on my lap, In the park she wants to play in all the equipments alone, I cannot touch, I guess soon she will be in the debutant ball. She and her friends.

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