Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Olivia's Kingdom

The Queen Elizabeth II has one more reason to be proud as her anniversary coincide with the Princess Olivia, just with the difference that the first one is almost finishing her regency and the other one is getting ready to get the throne.

Here her vassals and slaves tried to give her a very happy day, All perfect for the majesty, In the morning she woke up and was surprised with all the palace adorned with balloons and she had found her first gifts of day. But after we went all day to the Zoo, She and us had a very nice time in the park. It is not the perfect place to see the animals and I hope they will forgiveness for that.

But the best it was the evening in between our similar, the rational animals, It was a marvelous evening, Olivia was so happy to see all the friends singing the Happy Birthday. I think she had one of her best days. Perfect day for all of us and I hope all our great friends also had a very good time.


mrosaliajose said...

OLá, mts Parabens pelo segundo aniversário da Olly. tudo de bom para ela e para os felizes papás.
Beijinhos para todos

Carla said...

Parabéns à Olivia e aos Pais!!

Que os sonhos da família se concretizem!!!

Beijinhos Tomarenses,

Carla Damásio