Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carry on

Today the weather was so lovely, probably for the first time this year the Spring showed her face, I thought I would only have good news. But, it was not completely like that. I had the appointment with Dr Fusai, and I knew I would be told about the results from the last scan. Unfortunately or fortunately the things are more or less the same, the size of the legions are the same as showed in the scan before the chemotherapy, there was not any progression that leave any chance for surgery or to cure. He said I just need to carry on, Again he remembered that I can live with Cancer for long years, The chemotherapy will be used now, but when it will not have more affect I will try other medicines.

I knew I should have brought Easter eggs to the doctor, to have better news.
I am exhausted now, too much pressure and I always expect something more from this appointments that never comes. And from morning all the memories, all the fears are awake.
Bye for now.

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Ana Cristina said...

Lots of LOVE, STRENGHT and big HUGS and KISSES
prima Ana