Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funny Easter

It is always hard to be an expatriated, faraway from home, even more in this festive days, but we cannot complain too much, because of our friends are always around giving us the taste of familyhood, Today was a great day, The house was always full of friends, Myself always liked to be surround by friends and Justyna and special Olivia already knows how good it is to have friends around.

In the morning the family went to the mass, I confess it was the first time I really feel very good and in the highest spirit in the Eucharist, probably for having the family with me, also perhaps because of the priest had a very positive and energetic attitude, even giving chocolates eggs to the kids, and of course me and Olivia were there to pick up our share.

After, almost in lunch time finally we had our big breakfast with all the food blessed in the day before and plus much more food, all divine. In the afternoon we were all so full that we went for a walk to the park, There the grown ups behaved as a kids, with lack of respect for the small ones, just jumping and enjoying the place that should not be for them taking fun. With so much jumping it was Olivia who took us home, The perfect ending of the day was having Tom and Shubhy also with us, Great Easter I had this Year.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Hélder... uma Santa Páscoa (atrasada :-) ) e uma Primavera cheia de força para todos vós.

Luís, Nucha e... Gabriela :-)