Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Extra hand

Living the life that I never dreamt it is a nightmare that I need to live, but I hope I will get used to, as everything in the Life. I also do not know how to deal with the same Life without living it, so this makes the things easier in the end. Every morning when I wake up fortunately I do not see another choice, it is compulsory to go on through another and another day and that is what I am doing. The advantage in the journey is to have Justyna and Olivia close. Olivia is the extra hand who supports me and looks on me, Whenever she sees me more down she straight gives me a hand or just a look inquiring me why are you like that when you should not, we are all here, and that is very important for me.

As the Spring is coming and we know how important will be for us to have a nice garden, colourful playground for Olivia but also for me, then we with Veena and Krishna went to the garden centre and bought a lot of flowers, plants, herbs. So soon will have a planting session :)

Evening me and Mike went to the football pub to watch Man United, but before we had a fantastic diner made from the the hands of Justa.

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