Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pedantic family

Too early I sang about the Summer arrival, as today the temperature droop few centigrade, but nevertheless because I am stubborn I pass my afternoon in my garden, We had the visit of my artist friend, Bruno and his wife. It was good to have somebody with us to distract my day, to do not get lost is distress and thoughts about my tomorrow's chemotherapy session. Few things I am finding about Olivia, firstly and it is embarrassing me is the fact she knows already some English words that I was ignoring, So she is already teaching me the proper Language, Secondly not often she sees me looking for some and when she decides to help me to found, she straight brings me what I am missing, shoes, keys. And finally she has in her DNA the same as mum and it is in collision with my features, She is a great pedantic baby, She wants to organize everything, Impossible to have different foods mixed, napkin always in her side, never can feel wet or dirty. With this it is better for me to get ready to in the future listen often her reproaches as from her mummy.

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