Friday, April 30, 2010

Guinea Pig

Friday again took us to the Royal Free Hospital to see the oncology team, This appointments I see more like a routine, faraway are the days when I was going to the doctor very nervous and distress to know the latest news, Now everything is calmer, even if it does not mean good. Nevertheless, the scenery is not totally dark. The doctor told me that they been discussed again about me, and they want me to do another scan, because the last one was not conclusive, there is some confusion about the results. Then, when I would come from Holidays I will do the scan and will see the doctors straight away to know the next step.

Yes, I have not mentioned yet but next week, Tuesday we will be off, on the way to Holland. We will go to visit our friends Carla and Luis and their recently extended family. Will be good for me to change environment, to Olivia to play with Francisco and Rodrigo and to Justyna to take also fresh air.

Justyna is now working hard to complete her new essay, With the studies about child development that Justyna is undertaken, of course all theories about the child are very present in her brain and in her action towards Olivia, I can compare what is going on with what happened with Piaget. He took inspiration in his child to develop some of his theories. I use to say that Olivia is growing up according to a scientific education :)

Today I had the lesson, that I never should categorize her, for example not call her naughty, because baby tend to see herself in the reflex of our perception. I hope that Justyna will not go a step further and would not use also Oli as a guinea pig in order to proof her ideas :)

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