Monday, April 5, 2010

Dry Wet Monday

This morning we woke up with a storm wet Monday, something never seen here in the house, After Easter the Polish tradition demands from the first Monday after the Men should splash the Women with water, something like the pagan tradition of Halloween or the Carnival in Portugal. In Portugal we use to have on the top of the water the row eggs and the flour rubbed on the face, at least when I was boy. Justyna did not expect and was surprised when saw the water been thrown to her, But Olivia did not find it very funny and cried. But she one day will understand why this :)

The day was again just relaxing as much as I could, trying to do not think about the appointment tomorrow in the Hospital. Fortunately we had the visit of our friends Veena and Krishna, again the day was leaning at the table tasting food.

The book that is entertaining me at the moment is that work from devil The master and Margarita, I been enjoying the masterpiece of Mikhail Bulgakov but I am just been scare because of the destiny in the book for who faced and challenged Devil and Pontius Pilate, just the disgrace and tragedy. I am sure this book will not be prophetic for me, Because God knows that I never play neither with him or Devil. I just want to be informed.

The sure that I am have about the news from tomorrow is also based in the wonderful news that I received today from Portugal, my friend Ganhao and Nucha had a beautiful baby, Gabriela. I am happy that she and all the family are very good. I hope to see her soon.

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