Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today I am also Polish

Today we woke up with the news of another tragedy that touched the Poland nation, Several people including the President of Poland died in a plane crash, The irony of this it is the fact that the official delegation now all death were going to Russia to celebrate the occasion of the mass murder perpetrated by Stalin, About the end of the Great War the Russian killed almost 22 thousand Polish soldiers in a coward and useless crime in Katyn, Russia. There was who were saying that today Putin would apologise and ask for forgiveness in the Russian's name for these crimes.
Thus, this occasion will become now even more dark in the Historical books. I been following how the Polish people are living this moments and they are very sad, but very close to each other, Today Justyna spoke with all the friends about the disaster, They were all in shock but with a very strong feeling of belonging to the same country. I am in solidarity with all Poland.

I guess a lot of doubts will remain to answer about the circumstances of this accident, but the fact that I heard, Putin been the head of a commission to investigate the accident does not help to address that doubts.

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