Friday, February 5, 2010

Potty training

So the blood test looked fine, and the doctor Tim Myer gave me the green light for the next chemo session, already this Monday, The values for the Liver and Kidneys function were enough satisfactory to carry on, Regarding to the scans that I did a month ago he said that they confirm the two neuroendocrines but from the Gallium scan they cannot see the exactly size of the tumours, then I come out without knowing if those Cancer has grown up or been stable. I only will find out in 8 weeks when I will do the next PET scan. Afterwards, without news what always means good news, but also if there was news probably wont mean either good news, we went for our already traditional Sushi meal in the lunch, All the family loves that Japanese food and moreover we like the tradition even if it is not what use to be.

Meanwhile, Olivia even if it still faraway from doing her physiological needs in the potty, nevertheless she is accumulating all the information from the books, Thus, she knows already all the theory, proving that all the evolution either from the Apes or from the Human being it is always the theory that precedes the practice .

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