Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pancakes day

We could not let the Pancake day pass without celebrating it, The day to eat pancakes and all that sweaty stuff was last Tuesday, when started the Lent, but we postponed the Pancakes day for today, We put together different celebrations, The Pancakes day, Kasha's Name day and Rafi's birthday. Then the result was a very busy afternoon, busy with cooking and our belly's full of pancakes with all the syrups and tasts that you can imagine.

In the morning Me and Olivia found Justyna hidden in the Costa cafe studying, But Olivia with her clinic eyes catch the mum's movement inside the cafe, So then we all had our drinks, Olivia is already addicted with babyccino. Meanwhile Sergio left our home today and his moving now to Luton.

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