Friday, February 19, 2010

Rei Tekas

There are things that always touches me and still have an incommensurable effect in my feelings, the day can be negatively or positively affected by this events, Things that has the wand of disturbing my calmness is any news that comes out about hope or breakthroughs in the science or medicine regarding to the fight against the Cancer. Always that I read any news about this theme that comes in the News, I normally feel frustrate because if my feelings starts with limited hope when I read this articles it ends invariable full of No hope, All, always looks so distant that quickly I understand that the effects of this investigations will not interfere with my Cancer. My Cancer is in the ends of the the current state of the art what I am not sure if is enough. Today, there was more news about the possibility to diagnose a Cancer or see if there is recurrence just through a normal blood test.

But also there was good things in the day to make me smile, I had the visit of Tekas after few years in Indonesia without showing himself for us, he is a good example of following the heart and adventurous through this short life. I am happy that all is going good with him. Also, at the moment I am having the visit of Sergio, He is moving now to England and meanwhile is staying few days in our house.

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