Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day for hygiene

It is cold again the weather, but nothing retain us at home, essential before the next chemotherapy session it is time to take advantage of the Sun and the energies in the body, This before the chemotherapy demands me to hibernate for a few more weeks. This morning Me and Olivia went to discover our area, and we saw the closest playground, That will be Olivia's second home in the Spring, But now with the cold the playground is only full of ghosts. Nevertheless, it was a lovely walk. In the afternoon I used for the first time my new easel to paint, The time is always so enjoyable when I am concentrate to draw or paint, It just flies. But the day was taken essential to do the family cleaning business, Everybody took their bath of the year, Olivia was responsible to brush the hair, Nevertheless the hygiene of the hair, ears and the nails been postponed for another day, but for sure sometime in this year.

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