Thursday, February 4, 2010

Backing own cake

Today started a cycle that will take me all day to the Hospital, at least until next Monday, Thus this morning I went for my last hydrotherapy session and tomorrow I will see the oncologist in order to check up how my body is behaving after the first chemo session, but also I might know more news about the scans that I did before started the chemotherapy, Finally next Monday if all are OK I should be in for another session.
Regarding to the back, the news are not too bad, I have been feeling much better from the back pain, So apparently the physiotherapy resulted unless it is the chemotherapy already affected positively. When I came back home from the hospital I found Olivia backing her own cake, just need oven.
In the evening we had a surprise, Neil is in London and came with Shubhy to visit us, it was a great surprise and a lovely take away meal that Shubhy offered.

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