Friday, February 12, 2010

World Press Photo

It is not because of the lack of sleep that I have had tonight or neither for the infection in the Olivia's throat that I am in shock. It could be to the big mess in the corridors of the power in Portugal that I would be scandalized today, but I confess, Here, nothing else amazes me. So which event has horrified me? In fact this feeling happens every year at this time, by the time is announced the final prizes for the sick contest about photos, I am referring to the World Press Photo. It is a outrage to violated the people intimacy and even bring the suffering and pain of the anonymous Human Being in the most simplest way to the stage. I do not believe in any moral or ethic behind that last shoots, The prizes are not do defend the best photographer as an artist or journalist but to give the Gold to the most opportunistic shooter.

How can some people feel comfortable to snatch this prizes and commendations above the other people or even help to bury others as I saw in a picture in Somalia. We are all sick co-citizens.

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