Monday, February 15, 2010

Footbal match ahead

Again I was caught in fault, Proving how far from the reality and the normality we are living, The days compassed by the beat of the working days or school days are out of this home, Today I went for a rhyme session, but the room was empty, nobody there, and this because we are at half term, kids are in holidays. Frustrating and Olivia was left only with a cold walk around home.

Tomorrow, it will be a special day for me, I will be out of home for the first time, apart of overnights in the Hospital. Yes, I will go to Liverpool with John and Mike to assist the football match between Everton and Sporting Lisbon, It will be funny to watch alive match after more than 8 years, even if the task for Sporting looks very difficult seeing their poor form this year. But tomorrow the least important will be the result, but to be with friends and review John's family.


Luís Ganhão said...

That's right Hélder, football is not important... but friendship.
Of course you and I want Sporting to win, but who really cares at the end :-).

PS: Good Old Times where you ran at Running Track of Old Alvalade's Stadium

Pedro said...

Foi por pouco que não ganhámos! Não fosse aquele golo marado, em que o Rui Patrício podia ter dado uma mocada na bola e no inglês, não necessariamente por esta ordem, e talvez a coisa fosse diferente.