Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still on the game

So as happen with Sporting of Lisbon I also survived to the North and cold fields and we are both still on game. It was a great journey this days among the friendly spirit of Liverpool, The atmosphere was very warm in spite of the cold and gray days. It is funny to confirm what it looks like a universal rule, that the people from the North are more authentic and more open than in the South. John's mum and family are so lovely. I only need to confess that I had broken all the rules from the Lent, I had the best time and I had the fattest food since ever, my Liver was not so exited as me, But those days meant to be my days. We also traveled across England to go to the East Coast in Lincolnshire. Were busy but very fulfill days, Thank you Mike again for the tickets. Yesterday, I even went to Veena to say hello to the family.

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