Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Starters on the table

It is ridiculous but at the moment I am having around 11 pills through each day, It is like the water life cycle, But here is the big drug companies that are doing the bigger profit out of this, it make me think if we are not in the presence of CARTEL, I will try to explain, One day I am taking the Chemotherapy which is made off three main drugs, but in order to the other companies could also take their bit from the budget, this drugs are suppose to arise a lot of collateral effects, and it is here where another cascade and chain starts. So in the day after I will have in the morning 4 pills, all anti sickness, some will work in the brain giving him the wrong message and confound him, actually it tells him that symptoms that we may feel it is not sickness. But some other ones helps to stop the stomach flows back the liquids, doing a kind of barrier, what past in not coming back out. But the body is also clever and he is not happy with this tricks, then another conflict starts in the stomach, is the burbs and hiccups that starts and never stops, but of course the pharmacies are always in the track and they gave me another pill to create a moister in the stomach which reliefs the gases there. But the other bottom extremity also asks for help to deal with constipation and diarrhea's, Then another miraculous pill I have to help the bowel muscles work better and opens the doors for the last escape.

Meanwhile there is no day I cannot live without antibiotic to avoid infections plus a cream to deal with some opportunistic rashes. And in the top of the cake are the diabetes that together with all the steroids needs a massive dose of daily insulin.

You will tell there he is this gay again with his flashes about conspiration theories, I will not argue about that, but I still have in my deep thoughts if we are not witnessing the same has in the computaring new World, Where often are the same software companies that firstly creates and spreads the virus and bugs aiming to sell the antivirus afterwards. In fact I am already a slave of this Industry, I need their bread to survive without any doubts. I would consider myself a big shareholder of the Industry.

With myself I am feeling OK so far, only the sleepless but at least I can relax, and today we have a visit of our lovely friend Rob, it was really a pleasant evening with a good chat.

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Luís Ganhão said...

did you already read "Brave New World" from Aldous Huxley? it appears like your "conspiration theory".