Monday, February 1, 2010

Dead embryonic cells

It was a great day, First in the morning I went with Olivia to a child centre close to us to attend a Rhymes session. Today nothing could fail after last week I could not find the room in the Library. It was great to see Olivia singing and play musical instruments with other kids, She needs to have more often this kind of contact with kids from her age, because she past all the time with us and she needs to learn how to behave and play with other child. I went to the place with Olivia and with my former college Sahara and her kid Max. Lovely morning.

When we came back we needed to run because I was waiting for a visit from my friend Nuno, Just on time as when I was arriving with Oli he was just knocking on the door. Justyna during the time cooked a wonderful meal for us. It was great to see Nuno Dinis after a more than a decade, since we finished the studies in the ISCTE at 1996. My God, already last millennium, I would not be surprise that I am so old. I was glad to see that he is doing very well in his master in MIT in the USA. But he still the same simple and friendly person that I met in the university and with who I was going to the not recommended rock concerts. He was my mate of the leads under the subculture and the underground concerts of Sepultura and Slayer. Those were fantastic times in our World and in my life :) Kids were arising listening Arise or Dead Embryonic Cells, what a perfect generation :)

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