Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mattar Paneer

I am almost ready to go for another chemotherapy, I have a CD the Planet Earth, from David Attenborough that Shubhy offered me, and will help me to past the time, I have a book from the Polish author Gombrowicz that Justyna offered me, also I will bring a sketch book and finally but my best friend a big meal to take with me. I went to picked up the Matta Paneer that Veena cooked special for me, This is definitely my preferred meal ever, and it must be the only thing that my stomach and mind tolerates tomorrow, When I am in the session normally I cannot see food or even smell it but this fantastic Indian meal is the exception, So I could do thousands of km's to have my Mattar Paneer. Thank you Veena for the delicious meal.

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