Monday, August 25, 2008

Theatre of dreams


It is so good to be back home, Be surround by family, can kiss and listen Olivia crying and have the cares of the nurse Justyna. But of course the things are not the same as when I left house.

Reflecting the major intervention that my body was submitted, my levels of energy are very low. I am passing most of the time lying down in the bed reading and computing. Consequence of been removed almost 50% of my pancreas, now my body requires extra insulin to face the sugars, and at this moment I am all the time with high sugar levels, This means headache and laziness more frequently. The body still needs to settled down for all this changes.
Another consequence that I still need to adapt is an allergy that I catch and I still did not manage, I have a rush in some parts of my body, what is very uncomfortable and does not allow me to sleep as much as I want and I need to recover. The factor for the allergy could be penicillin but there is not sure about that yet.

At the moment I am trying to take all this very easy, the last thing I want is to stress with whatever, I have already an appointment in 8th of September with the surgeon to discuss the last operation and to set a date for the next one. The last chat I had with surgeon Mr Fasai he told me that the intervention went successfully and all the figures showed that my body copied very well. Additionally in the last surgery they looked already inside the liver and this one presents five metastases that needs to be removed before it spreads to other parts, So with this news there is no time to wait, all must be done quick.

But for sure today the perspectives are much better than a month ago, knowing that still a lot to go but the desire and hope are even bigger.

This evening I finished with a lovely walk around my house to stretch my legs and take some fresh air and to proof that there is live outside the house.

Big Kiss


Anonymous said...

Hi Helder
Finally got my OpenId, now I can really share your journey every day. You are the captain for this voyage, we are members of the crew, and we will row this boat through the storm.
As always, much love to all three....

Patricia said...

Olá helder,

Força amigo, apesar de sinuosa a viagem vais chegar a bom porto!!

Um beijo enorme para ti, outro para a Justina essa mulher fantástica que felizmente tens a teu lado, e à princesa olivia, adoro-vos (roubei esta à Sofia: ))

Luís Ganhão said...

Fazes bem em fazer essas caminhadas... Londres 2012 está aí à porta, e queremos-te em forma para as olimpíadas.
Grande Abraço

ma.jun.ja said...

Dear Helder...

I'm just listening Mariza and I think about you...I hope than in future your life will be so beautyful (but not sad) like her music...
Much love to you and your Angels...

Shubhi said...

Hi Helder!
So good to read your comments after you came home and to know that your body is slowly recovering from the operation.
I hope the sun is shining in the next few days and you have the strength to step out and breathe in the fresh air.
You couldn't be in a better place than in the loving care of Justyna and your mum. Take care.
Much love to all of you.
Shubhi xx