Thursday, August 7, 2008



What a day…. I almost forgot what is to feel happy :) So much emotions, but this time me and Justyna repeated again the flavour of exaltation. To do not be exception even my sugar levels persisted in a high levels.

Very early morning put through the endoscopy, I need to confess that I underestimated that operation. Before it starts I thought I even could enjoy the endoscopy, lying down in the bed and watching inside through the screen, but the reality was different. Even with sedative in my throat to helping swallow the Gastroscope, (for us ‘pipe’), it was a nightmare feeling the pipe pass in the throat and go all the way until the bowel. Only the pipe inside avoids me to vomit and scream. Next time for sure, I will ask for general anaesthetic :)

Even though in the end the report was clear, all looked fine, the problems starts only after the stomach, area not included in this examination. It seems that metastases were shy to come up to the stomach and chest. Therefore chest pain that I have sometimes must be for anxiety or for my love for Olivia and mummy.

Although, all looked positive they pull out a sample from my stomach. Have been told me it is a regular procedure. Afterwards I just needed to wait 30 minutes to recover and after have my first meal plus injection of insulin.

If the morning started well the afternoon went even better, I come home to rest and recharge batteries and of course to spend some time with Olivia. After lunch I went again to the Royal free Hospital to see the surgeon, in my first thoughts I was expecting a meeting to discuss a possible surgery and speak with anaesthetist. But this expectation was a pure mistake.

I got inside the ward for cancer consultations, clinic 1, and first floor with a strange feeling of normality, like if I was going to a regular appointment with my GP. In the case that you do not know the first act at any cancer appointment, they always measure your weight and your height. If the weight I understand yet the height I never understood. Apparently, we should get shorter when we have some tumour inside the body? Anyway the updated data at 15:34 is 1.77cm for 67.8kg.

After we waited in a middle of a long corridor having in front all way of the wall a lot of doors getting to different rooms, During the time I tried to guess from which secret door I would be called, what was very entertaining. Only after ½ hour the big moment come, somebody from the left inside end of corridor call for Mr Helder Assuncao, straight me and Justyna went throughout the hall and get inside a room. Even slightly nervous I looked up and saw the first doctor, also looking for me. And I could not believe I was in front of Richard Geere, I said to myself, No, no, Geere is not a doctor, This must be a joke, Only after he start to speak I realised I might be wrong, He conducted a very articulated and very straightforward speech. Dr. Fusai broken all my myths, beauty in the end of the day can be together with expertise.

Mr. Fusai surprisingly for me open all the game and in 5 minutes made clear is options and conclusions, Saying that an operation was almost for sure in the horizon. Very rarely they decided to go for a surgery when the cancer is already out of the Pancreas, as my case. He also explained that this is only possible because the cancer is a low grade Neuroendocriene (Net). In a piece of paper he draw the digestive system and focus in what was important, pancreas and liver. He explained me that it is possible to have a go and trying to remove all the tumours, in pancreas and already the 5 bites of metastases in the liver (only 2 last time). In the conversations between the Dr Caplin and Dr Fusai was on the top of the table an unique and single operation to cut all the cancer in all the corners of my body, but in spit of my fitness and youthful this could become a mistake such a enterprise due to the high risk of post operation complications. Therefore, they decided to do the in two steps, Firstly an operation in the pancreas, removing the 4.5 cm tumour allocated in the tale of the pancreas and representing almost 50% of the size of this organ, Also the spleen will go out for precaution, After I will be in the Hospital 10 days to recover before they send me home to be close to family. And to finish this marathon, after passing 6 weeks I will be hospitalised again, Now to cut a major section of the liver, 80%. Fortunately the Liver can regenerate itself.

This breakthrough is still depending from my Ocreotide scan on Friday, if the 10 hours exam’s report showed consistence with all others tests, then the beginning of the marathon will be already next week, possible next Thursday :)
For me all this story start to have contour lines of a game (if and if, then..) and I start to like to play the russian roulette.

The last comment from this impressive and professional doctor when responding to a question from Justyna, if I should prepare myself in some way for a possible surgery next Thursday He just answer, “Please enjoy as much as you can”. I promise him, I will do it.

Boa noite
PS: Dziekuye means thank you in Polish


Ana Cristina said...


Your princesses are very beautifull in these picture =)

I'm positive that everything will turn up well. But, I believe the walk will be long, like a marathon...

Be very strong and see it like the marathon (as you speak), something in that you were quite good.

We are all with you.

PS: I hope my english isn't very bad

Luís Ganhão said...

Hélder, as notícias são animadoras. Contínua cheio de força

ma.jun.ja said...

Hi from sunny day :)

I'm so glad you are hapy. I hope than everything will be ok. I'm thinking about you every day...
Be very strong [twardy nie mientki] and fight with this horrible sytuation.

Trzymam mocno kciuki

Kisses for you and your 2 beautyful flowers :* :* :*


Manuela Esteves said...

Olá,Hélder. Quem te escreve é a mãe da Sofia. A tua ideia de
partilhar esta fase da tua vida com os outros revela que és um
homem com coragem. Claro que a tua mulher e filha te estão a dar toda a força também.
A operação vai correr bem, todos estaremos a dar-te apoio.
Muitos beijinhos da Manuela