Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See you downstairs

Lovely night, all the family got a restful night sleep, probably to take advantage of this last night altogether and either predicting the hard time that is coming. This includes our sunshine Olivia.

Now I am packing my stuff to leave house after lunch at the same time I am listening a very strong composition from Hendel. Inspiring for a battle. I do not feel to cry, I am almost happy.

In my suitcase I am storing some pajamas, books, notebook to write while I am away from Internet, some insuline in case if necessary, and a big dose of courage and hope.

See you friends very soon downstairs... or more upstairs :)


Francisco Narciso said...


É só mais uma batalha, encorajado ainda mais por, para além de pai, já és tio.


Francisco Narciso

Daniela said...

it's probably too late for you to read this message, but I am certain that you know that we are all with you, keeping our fingers crossed and strongly believing in your victory!! Each day, when I read your posts, I feel your strength and energy and I cannot help but feeling a great admiration for you and the way you handle this.
... hey, another Dani in the sign of Leo!! congratulations, join the club ;))

take care,
Dani (also Leo) ;)