Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Games


If yesterday I could not enjoy the day as I promise to the doctor, today I found myself calmer. It helped to relax the walk we did (myself, Justyna, Olivia and my mum) until my friend’s Veena house. It was fantastic to stay altogether in her beautiful house, Sometimes changing of environment helps to reflect and find more peace inside our self.

I kept busy with some reading and watching the Olympic Games (OG). I was observing the games and I stop to think at the moment of celebration of a Gold medal by a British cyclist, I remembered when I was in this things of the sports, doing athletics, I use to dream to one day live the OG, on the stage itself. And why not once there I would battle for a golden medal. However this dream very early I needed to abandon, and today I was thinking, probably the medal that has been waiting for me is not an Olympic one but the medal of the life, for survive the Cancer. Between both the last, is the most important without any doubts for me, and even perhaps more difficult to achieve. Therefore, I will fight for highest place of that podium.

Lots of love

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Treta said...

I'm sure the medal is there, waiting for you. Keep running.

P Neiva