Saturday, August 2, 2008

Get me out of here...later

Hello, dear friends

For who is in holidays, what I suppose is a lot of you, I wish a wonderful time. Please enjoyed for me before I go to Portugal and take all the sun and buy all the beaches and privatise all for me. Never mind I will let in all my friends :)

In fact, several time normally during my worst hours, some thoughts that passed through my mind was me in holidays, in a nice beach in the Algarve.

I remember when I was queuing in the hospital to the doctors take a sample from my liver for biopsy, where the atmosphere and scenery looked more like a airport atmosphere, for example if I would be in Heathrow. Probably because of that I was always thinking about my next Holidays in Portugal :) I remember that I was slightly laughing to my self, but literally to avoid cry.

It was perhaps my first moment of truth in this short story, I was not sure if I would pass through there, I got the sensation that after you get in that room, in that queue, difficult would be to get out of that, meaning be healthy and become normal. The context is really a big test for the common mortal, as you face your self in a big room, very lightly, almost if you are in operation room, and the people is forming a big queue around the room. Uninterruptedly the sick people are called and transported to a specific area in other ward to be done their one biopsy and meanwhile other patients are arriving pulled by an auxiliary. Imagine a normal movement in airport, planes taking off and others landing, so I witnessed the same but with people.

Straight away you realized that you are not alone in that agony, I remember to see a small child in front of me looked with several marks in his head, I presume that lovely human being was fighting against some cancer already for a while, Also I saw a man that was shaking with cold, my wife asked if he wanted a blanket to cover him, in my mind is present another man that was praying and a woman already exasperated of waiting so long for somebody to come to pick her up and transported back to her bed in other floor in the Hospital.

So, from now on I will call this frozen place the Terminal (it is funny the word) of any airport in the world.

Took me half hour waiting to be called for the biopsy and when my nervous start to make me laugh I decided to adopt a strategy: closing my eyes and thinking that I was in Marinha beach in the Algarve with hands held with my daughter and imaging the small waves touching the sand doing a beautiful melody. Such a paradisaical dreaming resulted and I kept using in other disagreeable moments to be relaxed.
Next summer Holidays I will try to not pass, we will meet in that beach or in another one :)

Keep in touch


Luís Ganhão said...

All of us will be there in the Algarve... feeling the wind passing by... and giving you a huge welcome party!!!!!

Daniela said...

get you out of there... SOONER!! e para te dar já um gostinho disso aqui vai um pouco do sol que hoje brilha aqui em Lisboa e do calor que faz!! Ler o teu blog passou a fazer parte do meu quotidiano e é sempre um momento especial. É surpreendente como um monte de bits e bytes guardados algures no mundo, numa máquina qualquer, nos permite estabelecer tanta proximidade. Confesso que às vezes fico sem palavras com os teus relatos; para mim, esta tua "viagem" é um processo de aprendizagem e ainda estou no princípio. Espero ver-te em breve...
Sending you, Justyna and Olivia a very sunny hug und beachy kisses ;)