Monday, August 4, 2008

Isto de ser Emigrante...

Buenos dias compatriotas

Well, another day and just another day. ufff.

Do you all know the old saying that the troubles never come alone?.. so this is what we are experiencing. If the healthy problem was not enough now we need to sorted out another dilemma with the tax office and meantime we are still without solution to the passport of Olivia. Olivia is so young nevertheless is already in the middle of ping-pong between the Portuguese and Polish embassy to see which one represents the most bureaucratic country in EU. I really start to think that it could be the cause for another cold war.

I have been already in England for six years but just now I start to be confronted with new English words in my dictionary. ‘Cancer’ I heard before but now it is part of my family and I think it will become Olivia’s first word when she starts speaking - even before ‘mum’ & ‘papa’. Additionally with her attendance at hospitals I am sure she will become a doctor.

Another word that I never thought I could need to pronounce in the first person is ‘Homeless’... It looks that my situation, with a life expectation less than 6 months (according to the medicine theory) I am entitled to have a council house, but for that unavoidably I need to become a homeless ( fortunately only on the paper). So, tomorrow we are going to apply for a house and the nurse will come with me to explain my poor medical situation. According with her she needs to come along because the council services might not believe that I am a sick person, if they just look at me - by this time I should look already much thinner, probably anaemic, with jaundice or lymphadenopathy (word to be checked in dictionary) because of the 4,5 cm strange body I am hosting in my pancreas and two liver metastases.

But overall the day brought also good things, the test to the feet was good, no problems in feet and legs, so far. Only to register my embarrassment regarding to the eagle nails in my toes. At least, I washed legs very well :)

Giant Hug

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