Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the city with l'Angels

According to the plans today morning I went to my GP to remove the cramps or stitches of my surgery, but the nurse in service was not strong enough to remove all, leaving one cramp inside the body. In this way I need to back tomorrow to the Royal Free Hospital to get rid of my Last Cramp. They also will look in the scar if it is healing properly as there is a area were also bled a bit.
Apart of that, sugars keep going well and energies growing as well.
Last idea to thank you for all energy that I feel is radiating from all you. Also your vigilant eye is still guiding me. With all of you does not matter when but I will land in bon port.
Big kiss and Miss you all


ma.jun.ja said...

Hi Helder...

Almost everyday, like today, I read your posts. I sit with dictionary and study every unknown words.
For 2 weeks we'll see:) [do you remember?;]I'm so happy then I'll see you, Perwi and Olivia...See you soon...
take care...
With kisses and love to your Stars and you:)

Cristina said...

Olá, Helder.
Foi muito bom voltar a ter notícias tuas. Principalmente porque as coisas parecem estar bem encaminhadas.
Em breve, espero ver-te e conhecer pessoalmente a tua família fantástica. Até lá, recebe muitos pensamentos positivos e muita amizade.
Cristina Costa

Luís Ganhão said...

São boas notícias... níveis de açúcares controlados; a cicatriz vai concerteza recuperar bem.

Continua a colocar notícias diárias que tens uma legião de AMIGOS contigo.


Anita said...

hi helder,

I have been reading your blog regularly. Always looking for news.

We are very glad that you are healing well!!!

My parents send their regards and best wishes! They are coming for their first British Christmas this year and would like to meet you.

Muita paz, luz e alegrias pra essa família linda!


Ana & Romero