Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ola amigos

Hello Dear All,

Thank you for all your messages , Just last nigh I come back home, I Still very confuse with all what did happen, It looks like the process of healing will be also painful as the operation in itself. I did the surgery last Thursday, and all the next 5 days pos-operation while I have been kept in the Special Care Unit I still need to put all the pieces together with the help of Justyna. I know that I could not sleep one single minute and I had horribles images in my mind always I was trying to close eyes, I remember to think that I was in the hell, listening screams around, plus pain. My only explanation is that my body had a very bad reaction to all the medications were given to me. Also, the pain could be explained because when they replaced the epidural they set it in the wrong place, so after that I was feeling and I had sensations where I should not, leaving always the "team of pain" that was coming surprised.

But looking for the big picture, reporting what the doctor told us, all the event it did not go only good but extremely good, Went fantastic. According to the plans was removed all the big mass, 50% of the pancreas and also the spline come out smoothly, yet paraphrasing the doctor.

Now the plans is to get on track, recover from mines 64.4kg today, to when the next appointment with the doctor in 1.5 weeks probably set already a date for the next operation. In the last operation they looked already inside the liver and the prediction is to remove 50% of this organ. From what he said the success is possible, He showed very optimistic regarding to the next surgery :)

See u

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Luís Ganhão said...

Só posso dizer que vinha várias vezes por dia ao blog ver quando postavas de novo. Estou muito feliz por ti e pelos teus Hélder. Abraços e Jocas... Luís e Nucha