Friday, August 29, 2008

From where all come from

Czesc Kochani,

For one time before any coment regarding to me, I hope all of you are going very well, taking advantage of the good weather, this of course for who outside of UK. I still chase also the moment I will meet again with the seacoast. Where the horizon is the limit for your dreams.

Slowly I am recovering very well. Today I went to the Hospital to remove the Cramp that persisted in my belly, not without some pain but it comes out in the end. I was already scare that I could not air travel anymore, as always I would pass in the metal detector it would accuse and Bip for that small piece of metal.

Meanwhile in The Royal Free Hospital I saw one of the doctors of the Dr Fasai team and I was glad to see her reaction, She was astonished with my state, colourful, walking slowly but firm. She said rarely they see somebody after such an operation presenting my image. She also explained some doubts I had, saying that all looked OK. The sensibility that I lost in the skin around the pancreas is normal and would come back only in the end. The scar is long but it is healing well :)

But not only what we can see is showing signs of improvement, also the invisible factors are going better. Not understandable but my levels of sugars are keeping strangely downer even if I took the decision to reduce a bit the insulin that I am injecting daily. Seemed that the Pancreas now is producing some more insulin. Please keep this with us, It could be only speculation but for sure is my hope.

In other corner the weight increase 500g since I come home and I still in the run for the food, this even if my figure looks more a person took out from the cartons of Bruno Schulz, The trousers are all under my waste, I am walking with one hand keeping the trousers in decent position.
rain of love


Shubhi said...

Helder - so happy to read that you are doing well and the positive comments from the doctor at the hospital. It is a beautiful, hot, sunny day today and I hope it will be a good one for you. My heart rejoices to know that you are recovering well.I am reminded of your words as you were brought out of the ITU ..'Step by step', you said. And step by step it is. Much loveto all of you. Shubhi xx

Luís Ganhão said...

Só posso dizer que és uma Força da Natureza.
Continua com forçao amigo!